The South Orange County Economic Coalition (SOCEC) recently announced that it will actively support the combined efforts of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), CalTrans, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), the County of Orange, elected officials and community residents to find regional traffic relief solutions for south Orange County.

Their Board of Directors also voted unanimously to mobilize its members and the broader business community to support solutions that address the need for north-south traffic relief and an alternate route to Interstate 5 through south Orange County.

Please take a moment to send a note to the SOCEC.

1) ‘The Coalition to Stop Options #9 and #18’ looks forward to being involved in the process of helping to find solutions to improving Regional Mobility in South Orange County and to improving to the North-South traffic problem on the I-5.

2) ‘The Coalition to Stop Options #9 and #18’ opposes Toll Road Options #9 and #18 for the following reasons… (including the #1 reason which is they DO NOT PROVIDE REGIONAL MOBILITY RELIEF to the North-South traffic congestion along the I-5) MORE REASONS

3) Use the link or email address below to contact them. Thank you! “contact us”